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Gathering Signatures

Thanks to your kind support, we submitted 2,910 signatures, including 760 from abroad, such as Spain, Italy, the U.S. and Croatia, to the Fukuoka High Court on June 1st in 2007. As a result, the total number of signatures we have presented so far, since 2005, is about 13,000. Sr. Helen, the author of the book “Dead Man Walking”, accompanied us together with many students and friends. Our action of submission was reported on TV and in the news papers. We hope our action will contribute to arousing public opinion and to exerting pressure on the High Court in order to hasten the opening of the retrial.

We are still gathering signatures for the retrial to present to the High Court on June 23rd, since the High Court decision may be handed down this Summer. If you could collect more signatures by June 20th, it will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you once again for all your help and support.
Gratefully yours,

Seimeizan Schweitzer Temple

Please download and print off the signature form.

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Signature On-Line
To : Mr. Shoichi Matsuo, Judge of the Second Criminal Division of the Fukuoka High Court
We request the speedy opening of a retrial for the case H17No.5, the incident for which we filed a petition in May 2005, concerning Mr.Nishi, Mr.Ishii and Mr. Fujinaga, which is now under examination in your High Court.
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